Gospel musicians should dress decently – Regina Osei

There are a lot more to doing gospel music than putting out just a hit songs, especially how the artiste carries and projects him/herself to be received by the fans is very important.

Gospel singer Regina Osei reveals, the industry has grown to an era were materialism has become a priority to many gospel musicians since others think their musical talent or their voice isn’t good enough to make them the people’s choice believing the easiest way to win the fans is to descend from the gospel ministry decency sense of fashion to wear attractive dresses, fashion of the world just to make themselves sexy since the youth easily falls for such fashion and believing it helps them trend more.

She added, gospel musicians like Daughters of Glorious Jesus, Hanna Marfor, Amy Newman, Cecilia Marfo among others are classical examples of musicians who have lived an exemplary life style.   

‘Of course everyone has his or her own style , but as the saying goes Practise what you preach  since the gospel explains itself as the teaching of Christ so as our gospel musicians are teachers of the gospel and their looks and dressing must depict their title as a gospel musician,’ she said in an exclusive interview with this reporter.

Regina Osei is a well decent and very humble singer whose music and message truly describes her personality, she seems obviously not just good with music but professionally she also preaches and delivers worship and praises.

She stressed: ‘ I think we must always consider the type of dress we wear, and we must also be mindful with the kind of content  our music preaches, because many children look up to us .

Below is a  is her new song ‘Yesu Do Me’  

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