Government thinks Ghanaians are dummies – Kwesi Pratt

Kwesi Pratt Jr, Managing Editor of Insight Newspaper, has registered his displeasure over what he termed as government’s propaganda gimmicks that make them appear to be sympathizing with the suffering masses.

Speaking on a number of issues on Good Morning Ghana, on Wednesday, the veteran journalist established that such utterances are annoying.

“Sometimes, governments in power think that Ghanaians are dummies and they throw just anything at us. It is ridiculous.

“You don’t address debt burden of a country by telling us that, President Akufo-Addo and his appointees are not taking salary increment this year. And they made this statement on May Day. If appointees and all the ministers of this government decide not to take salaries for the whole year, it won’t fix the problem. They should go for the real solutions,” Mr Pratt fumed.

Mr Pratt in his earlier submission has stated that it would be a monumental error, political error, and a huge error for police to suppress protestors.

The seasoned journalist who indicated that the call for Ghana to be fixed is valid, and cautioned police operatives against nursing the thoughts of blocking demonstration with brutalities and shooting.

“Police attempts to suppress protestors should not be contemplated at all. Ghanaians are not cowards. If they decide to shoot, how many people can they kill? How long can they sustain it? Nobody, should underestimate the courage of Ghanaians as they cannot contain the fury of an enraged Ghanaian citizen,” he cautioned.

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