Govt has failed the NCCE – Andy Kankam

Editor for the Informer Newspaper, Andy Kankam says the government of the day is to blame for the growing conspiracy theories, rumours and scepticism about vaccines to fight the coronavirus disease.

According to him, educational campaigns about the vaccine was not enough and “the downfall of every government is its inability to communicate”.

He indicated that when it comes to public education, the first point of call for every government is the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE). But because the government has failed to resource the NCCE time and time again, public education on the COVID-19 vaccine has not been effective.

“When we talk about public education, the first point of call is the NCCE and that is why we always say the government should resource the NCCE. But it seems the government did not make a deliberate effort to equip the NCCE to educate the public on the COVID-19 vaccine”.

On his authority, the NCCE shares the same building as the Electoral Commission (EC) but it is really obvious the government pays more attention to the NCCE’s neighbour. “And why is that?” Andy asked.

He appealed to the government to revive the NCCE to undertake its constitutional mandate because “the NCCE is an important institution”.

Andy Kankam made his position known on the Editors’ Take edition of the Happy Morning Show hosted by Samuel Eshun.

He however furthered that it is not late for the government to sensitise the public on COVID-19 vaccines.

“Education about the vaccine has not been enough but that does not mean the vaccination exercise must halt. The government should roll-out various sensitisation adverts in the media. When these adverts are rolled out, the Ghanaian people will be well informed”.

“My humble appeal is for the authorities to roll-out these adverts in the media to educate the people”, he reiterated.

Source: Happy 98.9FM

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