GROW African Technologies launches coding technology for kids

The Chief Executive of GROW African Technologies says the industrial age that required theory-based training and guaranteed jobs has outlived its usefulness.

Harris Nii Addico Lartey said, “We have in the last two decades been ushered deeper into the information age where the ability to work technically with data determines how far an individual can go.”

He pointed out that “the opportunity offered by the information age are limited only by our inability to use computing and technical tools to evaluate ideas for the practical, theoretical and even commercial uses.”

Technology has become a cornerstone of today’s economy as it is playing an instrumental role in the growth of many subsectors.

To this end, GROW African Technologies, an indigenous Ghanaian business has launched a coding technology for kids of all ages.

The company’s mission is to bridge the gap created in computer programming skills among Ghanaian and African children in the technology ecosystem.

It is also positioning itself as a software development hub in Ghana and beyond.

Source: Joy Business

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