GSE grants approval to 6 firms to submit financial statements later

The Ghana Stock Exchange has granted approval to six companies for an extension in the deadline for the submission of their 2019 audited financial statements.

The firms are Enterprise Group Limited, Intravenous Infusions Limited, Fan Milk Limited, Total Ghana Limited, Aluworks Limited and GOIL Company Limited.

The GSE has, therefore, granted the firms new deadline dates to submit their audited financials.

The new dates for the submission of their 2019 audited financial statements are; April 30, 2020 for Enterprise Group Ghana; April 14, 2020 for Intravenous Infusions Limited and April 30, 2020 for Fan Milk Ghana Limited.

Total Petroleum, Aluworks and GOIL are also to submit their 2019 audited financial statements by April 30, 2020; August 31, 2020 and April 30, 2020.

It is, however, unclear why the firms requested an extension in publishing their 2019 audited financial statements.

Per the Listing Regulation, every firm listed on the GSE is expected to published its audited financial statement every quarter of the financial year.

Shareholders of these companies will now have to wait till publication of their audited financial statements before making decisions whether to increase their share holdings or not.


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