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Hamamat’s ode to cashew

Cashew is becoming popular as the demand for its heart-shaped nuts for export is increasing at a very fast pace.

The fruits which used to be just savored by children in the past is also becoming an important ingredient in fruit juice production.

Due to this and more, a lot of farmers are going into cashew cultivation.

Now considered as a cash crop, former Miss Malaika beauty queen and model Hamamat Miontia is among the few who absolutely admire the plant.

In a very concise delivery, Miss Hamamat has taken the pain to elaborate on how rewarding growing cashew can be.

Read her post on cashew plant unedited below.

“A fruit farmer told me our African fruits are going extinct because we prefer imported apples.

So my goal this year is to only consume Traditional African Fruits.
I am eating #cashewfruit for breakfast this morning.

Growing up in Ghana -West Africa this fruit was everywhere, in almost every home’s backyard – but now you can hardly find the cashew fruits in the market, why?

Cashews are Africa’s most beloved cash crop — well, after cocoa — but they leave a trail of heartbreak too. The continent produces 57 percent of the world’s favorite kidney-shaped snack, but 90 percent of the crop is exported raw and processed elsewhere, creating jobs and wealth that should be staying in Africa.

Cashew are good source of different types of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients that promote human wellbeing, and as such offers lots of health benefits.

Cashew fruits appear in different colors ranging from yellow to red and have several nutritional benefits as listed below

Cashews are rich in Vitamin C✔️
Boosts Immune System✔️
Offers Antioxidants✔️
Promotes Healthy Bones✔️
Lowers the Risk of Diabetes ✔️
Lowers High blood pressure✔️
Prevents Cancer✔️
It Helps in Weight Loss✔️
It Prevents Anemia ✔️
Promotes Healthy Heart✔️
Promotes Healthy Eyes✔️
Promotes a Healthy Hair✔️
It Improves Fertility✔️”

With such broad knowledge on what Hamamat calls the “magical fruit”, shouldn’t you be giving yourself the chance to grow some cashew in your backyard?

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