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Hammer to sign and manage young music producers

Ace music producer, Hammer of ‘The Last Two’ has revealed that he is signing young music producers on to his label not just to manage, but educate them on packaging and promoting themselves properly.

According to him, many of these new talented producers do not take money from musicians, especially when popular ones ask to use their beats. This, he said, is because many of them feel humbled to have been sought after by a ‘huge star’.

Speaking on Showbiz A-Z on Saturday, Hammer stated that “(but) one year later, when the song hits, they are like ‘that guy owes me. He did not give me anything.’ So what I am doing right now is that, I am signing and managing them.”

The ace music producer said he has signed a few, including a producer called Smokey Beats.

Among other things, Hammer said he will educate the young producers on split sheets, their importance during recording and also facilitate collaborations between the producers and big artistes.

He explained that many of these popular musicians, known beyond the borders of Ghana, have learnt to do things the right way hence they pay producers their worth as well.

“I myself will bring Sarkodie to the studio. He believes in doing things right, because now on the world stage where he is now, everything has to be done correctly. So Sarkodie and these big artistes are being careful now and they are paying producers properly because they don’t want future complications,” the CEO of ‘The Last Two’ record label added.

Hammer said that there will be a team to ensure that the producers signed to his label are duly recognised and paid for their works.

Hammer believes the young producers would make a huge impact in the industry, especially in 2022.


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