Harmattan to intensify from today – Meteorological Agency warns

The Harmattan is expected to intensify over the country from Wednesday, 20 January, 2020, the Ghana Meteorological Agency has said.

According to the Meteorological Agency, the harmattan will continue into the weekend.

A statement issued by the agency on Tuesday, 19 January, 2020 said: “Dust has been raised from the source region (around Chad) and is expected to be advected into the country to deteriorate surface visibility.”

Also, “due to the influx of the dry and dusty continental winds, the Northern half is expected to be drier with relative humidity of less than 20percent and below 50percent over parts of the Southern sector.”

The statement revealed that: “This intrusion of dryness increases the probability of fire outbreaks.”

The Meteorological Agency has, therefore, advised the general public “to be cautious of handling naked fires” and “be careful on the roads due to poor visibility.”


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