Haruna Iddrisu warns against ‘illegitimate declarations’ of election results

The Parliamentary Candidate for the Tamale South Constituency, Haruna Iddrisu, is cautioning all stakeholders participating in the general election to desist from declaring results ahead of the Electoral Commission’s mandated responsibility.

According to the incumbent MP, only statements coming from the EC “must be respected and preserved.”

“We will not accept those illegitimate declarations. No political party and no political person other than the Electoral Commission has the power and mandate to declare any results, including you ladies and gentlemen of the media.”

“We do not expect any early illegitimate declaration of results in any constituency across Ghana,” he said.

As 12 candidates compete for the seat of presidency, several others are also contesting in the 275 constituencies nationwide for the position of Member of Parliament.

The Legislator for Tamale South has also raised concerns with the heavy security presence in the Tamale area and pledged to confront any security personnel who try to intimidate voters.

“This election, as I have indicated, must be free from fear and free from intimidation. If they [soldiers] are here to protect voters, to protect the peace and security of this election – they are welcome. And if they are here to intimidate us, we will match them to it because the power of our votes is as important as the power of their guns,” he said to the media after casting his ballot.

Voting is currently ongoing across all 33,367 polling centres nationwide.

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