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Health Alert: Center for Social Justice warns public over Covid-19 second wave

The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) has urged strict compliance to Covid-19 protocols in order to prevent a second wave of the pandemic.

In a statement issued by the Health and Equity Team of the Centre, the group raised concern over the sudden increase in Covid-19 positive cases and said the development was “unfortunate.”

The group, however, has attributed the new surge to gross disregard of Covid-19 control and prevention protocols by large sections of the Ghanaian public.

“Indeed, our observation of public places and interactions with many people have revealed that face mask wearers have occasionally attracted strange looks and for many people, life has returned to what pertained in the pre-Covid 19 era,” the group said in the statement.

Ghana’s active Covid-19 cases returned to the thousands after a drastic reduction in active cases few months ago.

As of November 24, the country’s active cases stood at a total of 832.

The Center noted that “mass in-person political gatherings including rallies and health walks, religious events with no observation of physical distancing as well as lack of mask wearing and/or physical distancing in public places like our markets, lorry parks, entertainment spots etc.” are all factors that have contributed to the surge.×250&!1&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=XeP5MFsyv2&p=https%3A//

“In Ghana, we have recorded a steady increase in the number of positive diagnoses for the past six weeks. With this increase, might come greater loss of life and productivity losses, if the required discipline is not enforced and observed. If this trend continues, it may become necessary for decision-makers to announce stricter measures to stem the tide.

“This is dangerous and might lead to an unmanageable increase in the number of Covid-19 cases in a so called second wave,” the center further noted.

CSJ is a Think Tank and platform for academics, activists and Ghanaian patriots aiming for greater social inclusion in the distribution of the wealth, privileges and opportunities of the society.

While emphasising the need to observe the protocols, the Center also reminded citizens of the negative impact Covid-19 has had on other countries as a result of failure to comply with the necessary protocols.

“Multiple countries, and some states in the US have been compelled to announce enhanced control measures such as lockdowns because of the increasing numbers of Covid-19 infected people and the increasing rates of death seen.

“We are by this release respectfully making the following requests: that business owners and proprietors of public places strictly enforce mask mandates on their premises and make available water and soap for handwashing.”

CSJ also urged individuals abide by the recommendations made by our public health experts to always wear masks, physically distance, and regularly wash hands under running water, applying alcohol-based hand sanitizers where these are not available.

In addition the Center wants political leaders to ensure that during their campaign events, the above-mentioned Covid-19 protocols are complied with.

“It is our considered view that compliance with the above will ensure that number of infections are kept low and the Covid-19 scourge kept under control whilst the world awaits an effective vaccine.

“Even as the world awaits a Covid-19 vaccine, the Centre for Social Justice wishes to highlight these thought provoking comments of Fred Newton Binka, a Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Health and Allied Sciences, to wit, ‘The best vaccine for Covid19 as we speak today is the Face Mask!”

“It is our collective duty to protect ourselves and loved ones from Covid-19,” CSJ added.

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