Health center or death trap

Health facilities are established to save lives.

No health facility habours the primary intent of ruining people’s lives or seeing people off to the after world.

Health administrators, doctors, nurses, health assistants and other health workers in the country in principle are mandated to ensure that they give their best to ensure that human the general well being of people who patronize them are improved.

But with the current situation of limited infrastructure and bed shortage, people have started nursing the thoughts that perhaps health facilities have become an execution center.

To make matters worse, the maltreatment patients suffer at the hands of health workers are disheartening.

First and foremost, everyone must know that we all humans and that we’re imperfect.

Everyone is trying his or her possible best to give in what is required of them at their various work places. That is why we must respect everyone and assist in solving the prevailing challenge in the health sector.

We must know that we have so many diseases and each has it’s own method of treatment. Some diseases considered to be mild could be sent to clinics to handle, instead of rushing to major hospitals to put pressure on the already limited facilities.

What do we see in our present day concerning our various community clinics?
You would noticed that small clinics do not have most of the needed working equipment’s despite, the fact that they are expected to handle “minor” malaise.

It is also a common place in Ghana to see these clinics abandoned by health workers due to the lack of working apparatus and materials.

This attitude of health workers simply force residents of neighbouring communities to travel to cities in search of quality health care at these major hospitals, set up for referrals.

This is one of the reasons why major hospitals are mostly crowded; a situation which make care to people in critical condition practically impossible.

Recently, hospitals were condemned over limited beds at referral hospitals which caused some people to perish after being turned away.

What are the causes of this problem?

Ghanaians have developed the idea of visiting our major hospitals due to the fear of poor diagnoses at smaller facilities.

Ideally, minor health condition should be reported to clinics. If it is found to be a bigger problem then they are referred to major hospitals for treatment. But today patients wake up and walk straight to our major hospitals to seek medical care.

Since, people have different immune systems disease that kills one within hours, can be managed by another person for some months before it becomes critical.

Because a relative or friend suffered a minor pain and was sent to these community clinics and passed on, many for the fear of the worst from their aliments visit major clinics directly.

This is due to the fact that they have lost trust clinics, hence the decision to patronize major hospitals which causes congestion.

In order to tackle the pressure on major hospital, clinics should be furnished with the needed equipment to work effectively.

Health workers should also love their work and try as much as possible to tolerate patients.

A suffering patients could use abusive words or sometimes act in ways incomprehensible by the regular person. So, workers who have been trained to calm such patients down should apply their best practices to solve such problems and not verbally abuse or neglect them.

Patients on the other hand must try their possible best to respect health workers as they also humans like them and are there to see to their needs.

Well, for our country to enjoy the best of health care service, government must ensure that they provide all needed materials at our community clinics to prevent patients from travelling long distances in search of medical care. There should be strict supervision on health workers to ensure they doing what is expected of them as professional health workers.

Workshops must be organised to train them to understand that a hospital is not a private asset but a place to save lives.

Frequent workshops could equip health workers with more training and new trends in health care delivery.

Ghanaians are blessed to be enjoying a health insurance policy which covers a part of their bills. So as many Ghanaians as possible should enroll on this policy to avoid becoming stranded when they need health care the most.

We must all (health administrators, doctors, nurses, all health workers, patient )work hand and gloves if only we want to have the best of health care in our Country Ghana.

May God bless our homeland Ghana and help us release the importance or everything and give off our very best.

By Desmond Billa

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