Hollywood stars who are totally adorable – Rachael McAdams

Hollywood is flooded with hundreds of beauties who make movie enthusiasts instantly fall in love with their personality.

One of such is the stunning Rachael McAdams; though she keeps her life very simple, she doesn’t struggle attract attention.

Rachael, a Canadian actress known for her outstanding performance in award winning movie “the Notebook” is a unique personality who transforms every script handed to her.

Her insanely naturally and addictive persona is best appreciated in her movie ‘About Time’ released in 2013.

Racheal’s character comes across as a light-hearted individual but portrayed in a way that makes everyone admire her uniqueness expressed in a subtle manner.

Listening to a few interviews she has done, one would feel particularly intrigued by her touch of innocence that naturally flows with her ‘wow!’ acting skills which comes across very effortless on set!

Let’s learn more as Rachael reveals stuff about herself and her acting career right in this interview…

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