Hoping for a miracle: The sad story of a 2-year-old diagnosed with cancer

A miracle, is all mother of little Marvin is hoping for earnestly, for her baby to survive. 2-year-old Marvin, who lives in Sunyani Dumasi with his mother was diagnosed with one of the worst health conditions; eye cancer only about a year after he was conceived.

What started as blurriness in his eyesight eventually got worse as he developed to the point where one of his eyes had to be removed according to doctors. Horrific as that sounded to his mother, she was happy that at least there was some form of provision for her son to be well.

Unfortunately, that joy was cut short when she was told that his second eye had been affected as a result of the delay in the surgery process which at the time required an amount of GHC 6,000, an amount she clearly didn’t have.

After an intervention by Journalist Kofi TV through his program, monies were donated by many who were touched by the plight of the little boy and eventually, there was enough for a surgery to be conducted.

A scan at the ridge hospital to determine the severity of the situation to determine where the process should begin from further revealed that Marvin’s brain had been affected badly by the cancerous. At this point according to doctors, not much could be done to save him. They practically had declared little Marvin a dead soul whose only option was to have the pain reduced through surgery and wait till death calls.

Speaking to Kofi TV, the distressed mother narrated the situation;

“We went to ridge to get a CT scan of his head to see the how bad the situation was. The doctors say they can do nothing about it at this point because it has affected his brains, they can only perform a surgery to improve his eye condition and reduce the pain. They said if help had come earlier, he could have been helped. I really love him and it will get to me if I lose him”.

This may be a clear case of faith as Marvin’s mother, despite the doctor’s report, believes there’s an angel somewhere in the form of an expert with the requisite knowledge on how to heal her child. She appealed to all Ghanaians to consider her plight and come to her aid.

“I beg you, all Ghanaians to help me, I don’t want to lose my baby, any kind of help you can give, I beg you, especially those who may have requisite knowledge on how to cure him”.

At this point, Marvin according to doctors is medically unfit to live but hopes for a miracle may just realise if he gets help and on time.

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