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Hot Video: Elvis Afriyie Ankrah dumps politics for evangelism

Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, former Minister of Youth and Sports, has urged believers of the Christian faith to apply wisdom in their faith walk.

The former minister believes acquiring wisdom would enable Christians to identify the pastors ordained by God and the false ones who are deceiving them.

Preaching to hundreds of congregants, he said, “And Jesus being the source of wisdom and Christ in you, and you begin to read, meditate and study about wisdom, you’ll begin to manifest wisdom.”

He maintained that every anointed Christian ought to be wise but many have chosen to be ignorant and thus the consequence is the manifestation of foolishness.

“That is why there are many anointed people, they were definitely called by God but the level of foolishness they’re manifesting, sometimes you ask yourself ‘what is going on?’” he quizzed.

He added, “Some people are exceptionally different. You see them manifesting wisdom. They can close their eyes and they know your telephone number, they know all… that is not bad if the source is from God. Some people can preach, some people healing, some can preach, but you look at certain pastors and their life is basaa, nyamaa.”

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