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Hot video: I’m Jesus Christ – Obinim

Bishop Daniel Obinim in a video sighted by is touted as the Messiah Jesus Christ by his congregants.

The encounter captured on video shows a church member of his Accra branch saying that the founder and pastor of the International God’s Way Church is no longer an angel as he has always said but Jesus Christ.

The ‘zealous’ member in the video confronts Obinim saying, “Angel, you lied to us. You are not an angel but rather Jesus Christ”.

Obinim responds in affirmative saying, “So I should tell you the truth that I am God…”, he stresses in the dialogue with this member only to be confronted by another woman he describes as wife of one of his pastors, who also claimed she is seeing him as Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Watch video below:

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  1. This tells us all that, the end of the world is near, in Matt 24:1 ………….. Jesus Christ said when the end of the world is near, there would be many false prophets who would do signs and wonders, some would even claim to be Jesus Christ. If the day is not cut short even the elect would be deceived. sometimes I wonder if those following Obinim read the Bible at all. Or they dont want to go to heaven but get sm enjoyment here and thats all. by their fruit u shall know them that is to say by their character, life style u shall the false prophets. not by their miracles. be warned

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