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How I died and resurrected – 55-year-old Prophetess tells shocking Heaven story

For many, it’s only Jesus who died and resurrected from the dead the third day to fulfil the word of his father in heaven God and also to cleanse mankind from sins as believed by the Christians.

There seems to be another resurrection story in our backyard and the story is backed by a chilly account of a homeless fifty-five-year-old woman, Doris Anthony of Accra and a mother of seven.

According to Doris, she has that number of children because she was of the belief the “One Day Ego Be” and therefore made children whiles waiting for the hay days.

Doris who spoke to SVTV Africa in an interview monitored by said along the line in life, she received the calling of God to be his prophetess in order to spread the gospel and also perform some miracles that will get peoples problems resolved.

But the calling came with spiritual attacks on her life which degenerated into a disease that could not be proven by any form of diagnosis. Doris tells SVTV Africa that, her sickness took a turn for the bad that part of the body was decomposing with all hope lost.

After several years of battling an ailment, Doris died but it was not for long as she came back to life on the day she was been buried; leaving people with no choice but to take to their heels because frankly speaking, such occurrences happen only in movies.

“I died but I resurrected on the day of my burial. I was taken to heaven after my death and God said I had to do his work so he brought me back on earth. He said if I don’t come and do his work, he will take my life again. When I came back, I saw only my children crying whiles all other people had taken to their heels.”

She said after she resurrected, life hasn’t been easy for her so she had to move from Yeji to Accra to ensure that she gets a better life for her seven children who do not have fathers.

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