How is your father’s killings good leadership? – Zanetor asked

An angry social media user has taken on Dr. Zanetor Rawlings over her comment that transition from oppression to liberation as spearheaded by her father former President Jerry John Rawlings required a brave leader to be realized.

In what appears to be an outburst over the statement of the Klottey Korley MP, the social media user only identified as Just2case confronted her on social media saying,” Your father killed innocent people in Ghana do you think that was leadership?”

He further challenged her to condemn publicly the brutal killing by her father 40 years ago.

“I’ve never heard you condemned it anywhere, those people your father killed, were father’s, uncle’s brother’s etc to their families. I wanna hear your take on those killings by your father, ain’t you an MP? Seeking to be a running mate for JDM, you’ve had so many platforms to addressed those killings or condemned it, but you’ve been mute about it, you have the gut to talk about LEADERSHIP, madam with all due respect tell that to the dogs,” he fumed.

Meanwhile, a documentary produced by Paul Adom-Otchere and aired on Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana challenged the legacy of the June 4 revolution which was marked last week.

The documentary threw light on the events of June 4, from beginning right through the transition to civilian rule in September 1979.

The film based on the testimonies of Capt. Bah Acheamfuor, said to be the main architect of June 4, and of retired Supreme Court Judge, Justice Date-Bah, who was a Commissioner under AFRC, which were presented to the National Reconciliation Commission that sat in Accra in 2003.

The final words of General Acheampong, who was one of the 8 generals executed, captured in a book written by Doe Zoiklu titled, Ghana: from Nkrumah to Rawlings, were also revealed.

In those words, Acheampong blamed his colleagues, especially General Akuffo, for overthrowing him in a palace coup that brought the Supreme Military Council (SMC) II to power.

He also claimed that members of his administration were corrupt. He resisted the infamous accusation of debauchery levelled against him, saying that “all married men do it”.

General Acheampong added that even though he was a Head of State with “numerous girlfriends”, he didn’t see how that contributed to the ruin of the national economy.

Bah Acheamfuor revealed that he was told that a tribal group among the top leaders of the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) also wanted Acheampong dead.

The film also revealed, that Gen. Afrifa been elected to parliament on the 18th of June before he was arrested and killed on the 26th of June 1979.

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