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How McBrown and Beverly Afaglo run away over Kitchen crisis on live TV

Actresses Nana Ama McBrown and Beverly Afaglo got their fans and viewers laughing uncontrollably after they run away from the stove on which they were preparing food after a minor kitchen crisis.

The giant oil splash from frying blended paste of vegetables in hot oil got them running, but they later came back to continue their culinary experience on McBrown’s Kitchen.

The ladies however put their acts together shortly after that, poking fun at each other over the hilarious incident.

The host Nana Ama McBrown and Beverly Afaglo both actresses eventually turned the moment around with a tasty delicacy that got high ratings after the dish was finally cooked.

A new chef, who happen to be Beverly’s sister came in to finish off with the frying of the yam slices to avoid another incident of oil splash.   

Overall, the awkward moments failed to take away from the show as studio guest called Doris praised McBrown and Beverly Afaglo for great job on the goat sauce and yam delicacy.

Beverly Afaglo is married to musician Eugene Kwadwo Boadu Baah, also known as Praye “Ho ne ho”, a member of popular music group called Praye. The couple are blessed with two beautiful children.

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