How much do we owe the president’s father?

There must be a reason for this scramble of Ghana’s assets by some individuals in high places.

I just took a cursory look at a statement the president made a few months back about the government of the republic of Ghana owing his father.

I took that story as one of the fairy tales parents told their kids to make them feel like heroes. Nana , I am sure you have taken that story a little too personal; what did your father do?

Nana , if indeed we owe your Dad kindly raise an invoice and let’s settle it, let’s settle it so you live our ECG alone. I am not sure we voted for you to become a debt collector for your family.

Now, our assets are being taken as compensation for an unknown work your father did for Ghana. These guys are brave guys !!! I don’t know the condescending mindset they have.

For me, your father was not even a nationalist as you have portrayed to this current generation. It’s all about yourselves.

Your father, JB Danquah, Ofori Attah and the likes fought Nkrumah because they were comfortable with betraying the state.

Greed made them to go along with the Queen against those who believed in the capacity of the black man. Please live our ECG for us.

You have proven that greed is transferable through blood.

I was not suprised your cousin, who is your finance minister brought his father to parliament house during his first budget reading in a wheel chair. No finance minister has ever done that, probably they do not have fathers that merit that status.

The finance minister dedicated one full page in honour of his father. The shoes of his father that he promised to step in , scared many who knew the corrupt cases associated with him.

I am not suprised with what we are all seeing, these people are in to milk Ghana dry !!!. Their fathers never built anything to stand in their names for posterity . They even told the people of Afram plains they can never see light !!!. But when it comes to grabbing assets, they don’t care wherever it is situated, they will go for it.

Their corruption is trans generational. Those who didn’t know their fathers are seeing their sons. P3p33333p3 no difference !!!

Let’s have Hope for tomorrow , there are better days ahead .


Columnist: Godwin Ako Gunn

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