How Shatta Wale was nearly locked up again, exposed after Bulldog tried to hide it

Shatta Wale’s picture where he knelt down in front of the IGP has a lot more to it than what the public knows.

Shatta Wale is mostly the furthest thing from humble so this inside story doesn’t come as a surprise

An entertainment pundit named Arnold Baidoo exposed what really happened at the IGP’s meeting with the celebrities.

Shatta Wale being the recalcitrant one loves to serve as the scape goat and the police had time for him that day.

If not for intervention, news would have broken that Shatta Wale has been locked up yet again.

Arnold explained that there was a misunderstanding between Shatta and some police officials and COP Kofi Boakye did not take it lightly.

After he realized the misunderstanding going on, he got up to ask why Shatta Wale was misbehaving in their presence.

In Bulldog’s previous narration of the story, he used “USHER” to refer to how Shatta Wale was sent out of the meeting thus, he was ushered out.

Arnold corrected the term and revealed the the COP actually asked that they LOCK him up.

A-Plus quickly got to Shatta’s defense and said the COP did not use that word.

Bulldog scolded Arnold for being a liar and that he can’t even speak the truth.

When Nana Ama McBrown asked that Arnold clarify as to if those were the words of the COP, Arnold stuck to his story.

A-Plus and Bulldog still insisted that Arnold was lying about his statement until the producer of the show confirmed that indeed the COP did say Shatta should be locked up.

A-Plus shamefully retracted his stance and agreed to what Arnold and the producer said.

Back to the incident, when he asked that Shatta Wale be locked up, he was leaving the building and the COP said they shouldn’t let him out but rather lock him up.

A-Plus and others did a great job by coming to his rescue and begged the police to let him be.

Shatta ended up apologizing for his actions later on and contributed to the meeting.

The picture of him kneeling was explained further as him begging the police to allow the celebrities live their lives freely devoid of the many limitations.

The meeting was to alert them on how they actually are not above the law and any crime they commit will have them in trouble with the law like any ordinary citizen.

As to whether they took the meeting seriously or not, their subsequent actions will prove.

Source: Ghanacelebrities.com

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