How Someone’s Waiting For Lauren Daigle To Prove She’s A True Christian Artiste

‘I’m waiting for her to mention [the name of] Jesus,’ one comment read. To which I replied, ‘she doesn’t have to.’ Stressing on her point, Amanda Vasquez responded by saying, ‘she does, if she claims to be a Christian artiste.’ This isn’t the first time I’m reading such a comment under Lauren’s post.

People want her mentioning the name of Christ on every platform, particularly the big ones. When she was invited to The Ellen Show, she faced serious criticism over the fact that the Tv show was owned by a gay woman.

Lauren Daigle is restless. There are many YouTube videos discussing her status in the kingdom of God, when, in fact, they could have used that time discussing theirs. What do people want from Lauren Daigle? They just want to know if she’s a true Christian Artiste. To Amanda Vasquez, she can only prove that by mentioning the name of Christ.

By Rex Krampa

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