How to deal with spiritual nuisance on social media

For those of you who still receive friend request from those so called spiritualists, occultist, traditionalist etc who call themselves Nana this, Nana that, Togbe this and Togbe that. I have a plan for you on how to get rid of them if not completely, but at least for a while.

I know how to deal with them papa. When you receive friendship requests from them, take your time to study them carefully, block them and unfriend the mutual friends that exists between you and them.

Contact the mutual friends and draw their attention to the presence of those crooked individuals on their friends list or unfriend, block and report the mutual friends too if they are not known to you personally or refuse to listen to you.

It is important to recognize that most of these crooked guys who pose as spiritualists and so on, are not actually what they purport to be but are smart fraudsters ready to take advantage of you and defraud you by false pretenses.

Quite a sizable number of them are not even from this jurisdiction (Ghana) and those of them who claim to be in the jurisdictions (within Ghana) that they claim to be coming from, are not even known to the locals in those jurisdictions not to even talk about they being spiritualist .

They are 414 guys who either create multiple accounts for the purposes this kind of criminality, or try to overrun or break passwords of vulnerable facebook users or accounts that have been out of use for a long time but probably were known to you in terms of friendship whose pictures they try to make use of and resend you friend request to deceive you that it is those same friends know to you previously who have sent you friend request again.

Once you accept these cloned new request, they then change the pictures of those accounts into their voodoo spiritual pictures and begin to send you messages telling you how they are capable of assisting you to make “quick dollars, quick money, quick cash”

If you have noticed over the period, sometimes, these crooked guys just use one picture or background for several accounts they use to send the friend request to you.

If you want, from now on, monitor or just keep a close eye on the friendship request you get from them and you will appreciate that some of pictures keep repeating themselves under different names as; Nana Obolo, Nana Sobolo, Nana Kokonte, Nana dross, Nana Peito etc. All these are fake accounts created by criminal minds with the intent to defraud vulnerable, uninformed and gullible individuals on social media.

What you can do like I indicated earlier, is to not only unfriend and block them, but also to report them to Facebook as soon as possible. Anytime you block them and report them, what you are doing to them is that, you are making things difficult for them on Facebook especially which has stringent security and accounts protection protocols in place to protect its users.

Again, anytime you report these crooked individuals and block them and they attempt to reclaim or repossess their accounts, facebook per their security rules, request them to meet certain conditions including sending evidence of ID cards and so forth before they can get their accounts back and this they don’t want to do at all, so you end up achieving your aim of not only reducing their presence on social media, but help cut down on the nuisance they pose or even the fraud they perpetuate on vulnerable people.

I hope this little advice helps all and sundry on social media. This is a free advice from my coconut to you.

Mohammed Abdul Hanan EL-Saeed
Police Headquarters


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