How to Look Stylish With Very Few Efforts and In a Budget

Read any fashion magazine, and you are likely to come across a supermodel in an outfit you would be willing to do everything to own it. The pants, shoes, top, and bag go seamlessly. You envy the model and wish that you had enough money to spend on such clothing and accessories. That brings us to one of the biggest misconceptions in style – that it requires money. It’s the fashion designers’ fault because they make it look like fashion is for the rich. Follow these unique tips on looking chic for less.

1.Discover your closet

At times all you require is to focus on what is in your wardrobe. Before you go out on a shopping spree looking for a stylish outfit, consider whether you can get it from what you already have. Remember those clothes you haven’t seen in a while? They could be your breakthrough. Take everything out and see if you can reconstruct trendy looks from the clothing.

2.  Trade, toss or sell

If you have some beautiful things that you don’t usually use, consider selling them. You can quickly auction some items on an online store. Some clothes will bring you more money than others, but the idea is to get rid of what you don’t need. You can trade-in some of the clothes with friends or family members that have extra items they don’t mind exchanging. You can donate the rest. Now that you have cleaned up the place, you will realize what is missing.

3. Experiment with accessories

Many people overlook the power of accessories in looking trendy. Simple items like belts, earrings, necklaces, and watches can go a long way. Go through your drawer and look for the accessories that you may have forgotten. Trending pieces like German watch brands can give you the “million-buck” look. Such watches are not only trendy, but they are unique. Therefore, if you like setting yourself apart in a crowd, consider accessorizing your look with a German watch brand.

4.Invest in timeless classics

Have you ever bought an attire, worn it once, and that was it? If that is your reality, it is possible that you but clothes that aren’t versatile. Since you are on a budget, you must find items you can use on many occasions. Concerning fashion, remember that some fashion trends never die. A small wardrobe that is filled with quality attire that fits and looks beautiful on you is better than a massive one filled with ill-fitting items you rarely wear.

5. Don’t buy clothes you will never wear

While this seems like a no brainer, it isn’t. Many people are lured into purchasing attires simply because there is a considerable discount attached to them. Buying things you will never use because they are cheap will not help expand your wardrobe. Instead, save money and buy one quality outfit that will last for a long time. Also, consider purchasing interchangeable items, such as pants and jackets, made of the same fabric.

6. Be a wise online shopper

Online deals are often those to die for. Unfortunately, what you order isn’t always what you get. So, in the long run, you might realize that you have many clothes you don’t wear because you bought the wrong size or it simply isn’t your style. Also, returning items you don’t like can be a hurdle. Go for online shopping when buying accessories like watches, purses, and scarves.


Looking trendy is impressive, but in the long run, you ought to understand that your real value doesn’t come from the cute pair of jeans or a remarkable necklace you bought. Understanding and appreciating your value will make you look fantastic in your trendy attire.

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