How to Lose Weight in Short Time or Using Keto Diet

Description: The ketogenic diet is ever-growing in popularity because of its effectiveness in helping people lose weight. There are many ways to induce keto diet weight loss in a short time which are discussed in this article.

For decades people have been struggling with weight loss and dieting. A lot of diets just don’t cut the mustard or are just plain bad for the body. Grapefruit and eggs – that’s a little odd. The cabbage soup diet? More like a path to anorexia! Fortunately, the ketogenic diet has prevailed over time, providing the best means to lose weight fast and safely. Here we look at how you can harness it, shed the pounds, and feel better about yourself. 

Weight Loss with Keto

So how does keto work? When you restrict the number of carbs you consume, you enter a natural metabolic stage known as ketosis. In ketosis, the body produces ketones that it will use for energy. Essentially this allows the body to rely on fat stores for energy rather than burning carbohydrates. 

Once ketosis has been triggered, you will experience weight loss as well as increased energy levels and a decrease in appetite. Your metabolism will also be more in tune with burning fat and you will have more success. All of these things will inadvertently lead to fewer calories being consumed and ultimately more weight loss.

Keto Flu

Within the first couple of weeks, people see their weight to drop very quickly – anything between 2 and 5 pounds. Most of this weight loss can be attributed to shedding extra water weight and this can result in some flu-like symptoms, so don’t forget to drink plenty of water when you’re going on this diet. After a couple of weeks, these symptoms should subside as the body becomes more adapted towards burning fat for fuel. It’s nothing to be alarmed about but just be ready.

What to Eat for Fast Ketosis?

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When you’re wondering about how to start a keto diet, the first rule is to restrict the number of carbohydrates to 20% of your calories. It’s important to realize how many carbs on keto you can eat so that you can enter ketosis quickly. 60% of your calories should come from the consumption of healthy fats, typically monounsaturated fat that can be found in food such as fatty meat, avocados, flax seeds, tuna, and nuts. The remaining 20% should come from high-quality protein. If you can stick to a keto food list in a disciplined manner, you can reach ketosis quickly. 

A word of warning, do not eat too much protein because it can lead to weaker ketosis and liver and kidney problems in the long run. The liver needs time to process food and create ketones that are used for energy. If you overwhelm your body with too much protein, it will not be able to cope with it and you won’t be able to reach ketosis as quickly.

Ways of Losing Weight Faster

So what can you do to turbocharge the process and achieve faster keto diet results? There are several things that you can do:

●     Lift weights or do strenuous exercise as this will allow you to build muscle mass in a lean way and increase your fat loss by boosting your metabolism. Bodybuilding type workouts are the best for this or anything that puts your muscles under strain.

●     Supplement your body with MCTs. Use your best MCT oil to increase satiety and reduce the likelihood to eat more than you need. MCTs are a type of fat that is taken up into the liver and quickly converted into ketones, making them perfect for those trying to achieve the keto diet weight loss.

●     Consume high-fat meat to leave you full more quickly. Beef is a great choice because it contains a fatty acid called Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) which speeds up fat loss using various mechanisms. Getting sources of dairy from 100% grass-fed cows is the best way of getting CLA and it is around 250% higher in beef.

●     Carry out some intermittent fasting once a week in order to burn more calories and lose weight. Dieting correctly is one thing but you can’t eat more than you’re going to burn and still lose body weight. Doing small rounds of intermittent fasts will be beneficial not only for decreasing the number of calories you put in but it will also allow your body to get into ketosis easier.

●     Make sure that your portion sizes are sensible. You can only lose weight if you burn more than you take in. 

Kickstart Keto Diet Weight Loss

It’s all about ketosis and tapping into that metabolic bodily state. It may seem like a lot of rules but once you start getting into the swing of your new diet and exercise regime, you’ll notice just how much weight you can drop. We wish you all the best!

Have you got any great recipes for keto diet snacks or keto desserts? Let us know in the comment section below.

Author’s Bio: Chele has always been interested in nutrition, well-being, and healthy eating. She has been writing articles, blog posts, and infographics on the subject for many years. Chele also plays volleyball or runs in her spare time. 

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