How to Plan For a Successful Wine Tasting Tour in Kentucky

Wine tours are the thrill of the moment. The concept of wine tasting is fast spreading around Kentucky and many other parts of the world. With new wineries sprouting in all parts of the city, planning a wine tasting tour shouldn’t be a challenge. The best whiskey tours in Kentucky are planned rightly, with a careful selection of wineries to tour. Besides, wine lovers have a variety of choices when it comes to wine tasting. 

Here are planning tips for a successful wine tasting event:

1. Organize the group

Before you start planning, decide on the number of attendees. Having the right group number makes it easier to budget. The group size guides you when booking for transportation and winery selection.

 2. Choose the wineries to tour

Your choice of wineries can make or break your trip. With countless wineries in Kentucky, making a wise selection is critical. Also, consider the types of wines available. Some places are famous for distinct types and styles, and researching on this helps you to locate the best winery for your needs. If visiting different areas, allocate each day for a specific place, and plan to visit two or three wineries. Also, set a date for your trip and decide on a pick-up and drop-off point.

3. Make early bookings

I presume you already have a list of the leading wineries to visit. The next step would be to book in advance. Last-minute bookings can thwart your efforts. Most wineries have limited space, and this is particularly true for high seasons. It’s advisable to book a month prior, and this saves you a lot of stress.

 4. Decide on the time 

The timing of your trip matters a lot. Most wine tasting rooms fill up in the afternoons, particularly in high seasons. The staff may not have ample time to respond to your questions. Plan your trip during the off-season or mid-week and go in the morning hours. Weekends and are busy and buzzing, and the winemakers are overly overwhelmed.

5. Set a budget

A budget helps you manage your finances better. Budget for transportation costs and any other expenses that may incur on the road. Also, consider the wine tasting fees; this may vary from one winery to the other. Include snacks or food items that you may need to purchase on the way. Set some money aside; you may need it to buy some wines and souvenirs. 

6. Plan for your transport

It’s critical to establish a means of transport for the group. If the group size is large, hiring a bus would be ideal. Coach or bus services are comfortable and ensure that everyone stays safe during the trip. If going with your car, hire a designated driver. This way, you’ll sample the wine without worrying about driving back home. 

What should you know before the wine tour?

A wine tour is an excellent time to learn about the distinct wines in the city. Ask questions, and this helps you to know more about the old and new wines. Plan to visit both old and new wineries, and this will make your trip more fun.

 Know your preferences before making the bookings, and have a wine tasting guide. Planning a tour around your preferred type of wine will make the journey enjoyable. Lastly, avoid high seasons and make the most out of your wine tasting trip.

Take home

Make the most out of the wine tasting tour, and ask as many questions as possible. Remember that all winemakers have unique styles, an all wines taste different. Don’t shy away from tasting new wines at the winery. Who knows? You could spot one that matches your taste!

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