I am a proud ‘Otani’ and a citizen of Ghana – Martin Amidu

Former Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu, has fumed at persons calling him out on ethnic grounds over his resignation from office.

Less than 24 hours after he released a 27-page response to the Presidency following government’s reaction to his resignation, Mr. Amidu narrates in another statement, a text exchange between himself and one ‘Nana B’, who allegedly levelled ethnic-centred insults at him for attempting “to undermine the integrity of the government”.

“On Thursday, November 19, 2020, I received a telephone call on number 0500007614 which I did not pick the call to avoid receiving any verbal threats of harm to my person and particularly because the number was not on my contact list and was unknown to me. The caller then sent me an SMS at 7:40 PM stating that: “Otani gyimifoc” the statement reads.

He further alleged that ‘Nana B’ sent a follow-up text Friday, after his 27-page response to the Presidency, addressing him in unprintable words.

The former Attorney General expressed disappointment in persons who appear to have resorted to ethnicism in addressing his decision to vacate the Office of the Special Prosecutor.

According to him, the practice breaches the constitutional provision that seeks to ensure equality amongst citizens of Ghana.

“It is important to bring this to public attention because it is inconsistent with the rights and freedoms guaranteed under the 1992 Constitution from discrimination and intimidation on grounds of ethnic origin of the people making up the Republic of Ghana,” he noted.

Addressing the subject, Mr. Amidu stressed his patriotism and said the exchange only reveals a long-known yet overlooked notion.

“I am an ‘Otani’ and a citizen of Ghana under the 1992 Constitution till I am buried in the bosom of the Motherland. The internalised perception by some Ghanaians that people from the former NT who are full-blooded Ghanaians since 1957 are inferior citizens have been exposed by the sender of this SMS and his puppet masters,” he wrote.

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