‘I didn’t know I could joke until business failed me’  

Foster Romanus has revealed that he always had the desire to become a business man instead of a comedian.

The comedian who had planned to contribute immensely to Ghana’s private sector claims he failed to succeed in that area of business, hence, directing his energies to showbiz which has not been bad for him so far.

He explained that it was after his first option failed to work, he realized he had the potential to be a comedian.

“I took the chance and here am I, helping people distress through my comedy skits,” he revealed in an interview on Kwese TV’s ‘GH Dropping’ show.

“I always saw myself as someone in suit and tie with some briefcase, I always admired those people and I wanted to be like them.

“I did business in secondary school, though, I was not that bright, I just wanted to wear suit and tie but later, things did turn around and I found myself standing on stage to make people laugh instead,” he said.

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