I don’t deal with clowns – Franklin Cudjoe hits back at Dr Edusei

Founding President of IMANI Africa, Franklin Cudjoe has responded to the challenge thrown at him by the Deputy Director-General of the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA), General Service, Dr Poku Edusei.

According to him, he does not pick challenges with clowns.

“I don’t pick up challenges with clowns. I do with sane minds like the meeting I was part of with the President”

His rather abusive response was borne out of the fact that the Member of Parliament (MP) for Ayawaso West Wuogon Hon. Emmanuel Agyarko urged him to go for the challenge.

“Franklin my recollection is that Dr Opoku Adusei has been a Deputy Director General for the Standard Authority for a period. It seems strange that you never raised issues about this until he raised issues about who you are and what you stand for. He has asked you to name a place and time for a debate. What you are doing now is totally diversionary. I think you should pick up the challenge and get on with it”, he urged.

Dr Poku Edusei on Tuesday literally poured scorn on the person of Franklin Cudjoe for questioning the relevance of keeping three Deputy Directors at the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA).

He wrote “Folks, take a look at the executive structure at the Ghana Standards Authority. Take a closer read at the FUNCTIONS of each of the three deputies…You see Kofi Nagetey performing GENERAL OPERATIONS role with specific value-added services…Critically, he rose through the ranks with 30 years experience in conformity assessment and standardisation. Second deputy, Charles Amoako roled for CONFORMITY ASSESSMENT . He rose through the ranks and has almost 20 years of relevant experience. Finally take a critical look at the third deputy whose ‘role’is GENERAL SERVICES…Yes, just that. It is not too clear if he is part-time conducting conformity assessment or doing spot checks with foot soldiers of the authority. The question is do we really need a third deputy doing ANY WORK in Poku Adusei drawing free fuel and salary at our expense? Who gave him the job? What is really doing? How much is he being paid for his unclear duties? GENERAL SERVICES!!???

But a livid Dr Opoku Adusei responded in equal measure and called for a challenge to settle the matter.

“I have come to the realization that Franklin Cudjoe is a psycho. His mission is to malign people and run them down. Bring it on, Kwaku Ananse.” he wrote.

“With your (Cudjoe) Ananse-like belly I invite you to a public discourse on matters of national interests. Choose the forum and time, and I will put you to your level. Empty barrels make the most noise!” he attacked.

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