I don’t have the courage to tell an artiste his verse on my song is wack – KiDi

Lynx Entertainment signee KiDi says he cannot tell a fellow artiste featured on his song that their verse is not good enough.

In an interview with Hitz FM’s Kady, he stated that giving such feedback does not sit well with him, especially if he does not know the frame of mind the artiste was in when he was recording.

He added that just as it “hurts” him when some of his works attract negative comments, he does not want to put another artiste through that experience.

“I don’t have the balls to tell somebody their verse isn’t good enough because I don’t know the space they were in when they made the music.”

“Whatever space they made the song in, I take it and move on. Music is all about vibes, so, if they did it good vibes it could fly,” he told Kady.

Instead of asking the artiste to rewrite the lyrics, KiDi said he will rather make sure his part of the song makes up for the missing element in the other artiste’s.

The Say Cheese hitmaker added that focusing more on his part of the song will help make it a success.

KiDi mentioned that he will opt to write for the artiste if he knows the person may not be a songwriter if the verse is that bad.

However, he will appreciate it if artiste are straightforward with him when his output is not good, KiDi said.

“People are different. Me I can take it but that does not mean that everybody can.”


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