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I don’t support any form of military coup – Kofi Amoabeng

Ghanaian businessman and a former military officer of the Ghanaian Armed Forces, Prince Kofi Amoabeng, has denounced all military coups that have occurred in the country since independence.

He said there was no justifiable reason for any of the military takeover of governance especially in cases where the heads of states were democratically elected.

Speaking on The Point of View, he said he was extremely disappointed when the coups of 1979 and 1981 occurred in Ghana, led by the late President Jerry John Rawlings.

He said being a military officer and having experienced the respect and discipline within the army, it was unfortunate that junior officers forcefully captured power and turned upside-down the hierarchy of the military.

“At the time the revolution took place in 1979, Ghanaians had gone to the polls. I condemn every military coup especially those that happen when the elected government hadn’t served its full term. What is the use of it? [Hilla] Limann’s coup, what was it for? Busia’s coup, what was it for? The military has no business. No one has the right to intervene,” he said.

Ghana’s political history has seen at least four military coups, some resulting in the death of officers.

These coups and the governance periods of the various military regimes have been described as some of the darkest days in Ghana’s history with several incidents of abductions, disappearances, killings, torture and other forms of human rights violations.

According to Mr. Kofi Amoabeng, soldiers interested in leading the country must subject themselves to the laid down democratic processes by announcing their interest and contesting democratically in the election.

“If you have to govern, then go to the polls and let the people choose. If you decide to enter into politics, go into it and let the people choose you,” he said.

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