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I don’t think it’s his fault: Kwesi Pratt speaks about Nana Addo and states his reason

Kwesi Pratt speaking on pan African tv today made some points about the kind of decisions that the Npp is making. This government has suffered in the hands of critics and Kwesi Pratt happens to be a major part player in these criticizing comments.

According to Kwesi Pratt, he is surprised at the way Nana Adddo is misusing the state’s properties or resources. And this is only because when a president decides to take care of himself and his family whiles prioritizing their comfort over that of a country, it becomes a problems.

And we have seen this over and over again in the current government which is headed by the president, his excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. Nana Addo according to many who do not support his way of governance is misusing the resources in the country. Nana Addo has prioritized his comfort and this is one of the things that Kwesi Pratt does not agree to.

He revealed that he doesn’t think it’s Nana Addo’s fault that all this is happening. According to Kwesi Pratt, he thinks that the management we are seeing is because Nana Addo decided to include friends and family in his leadership. And when you’re a leader who involves your family in your leadership, you begin to realize that authority is not as it is supposed to be.

Everyone at a point feels he or she is obliged to certain kind of treatment because he or she is a family member and that’s one of the greatest mistakes anyone could make.

Whiles speaking about this, Kwesi Pratt also revealed that until Nana Addo makes it a point to stand his grounds and stop focusing on the interest of friends he has in government, there will be no change. And this will mean we will continue to witness this kind of treatment from this party.

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