I enjoy abusive relationships – Woman tells shocking story

A woman whose name is not given has told SVTV that she enjoys being in abusive relationships.

According to her, she got used to abuse in relationships such that now if dates a calm and collected man who does not abuse her, she leaves the relationship.

To her, a man beating her and consoling her with gifts and good sex is the best feeling she always wants to enjoy.

“I left one of my boyfriends because he used to beat me. Even when he calls and I don’t pick up he will come and slap me. He can beat me and destroy my phone. But now I’m used to the abuse. I enjoy it now and I even want my man to beat me. The feeling you get after you are beaten and consoled with expensive gifts is out of the world,” she told SVTV.

Her position has shocked many who have over the years advocated against abuse in relationships especially on women.


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