I paid my own ticket to Dubai and back – Nyantakyi to Tiger Eye PI

The discussions between Tiger Eye PI and Mr. Kwesi Nyantakyi, the embattled Ghana Football Association (GFA) Chairman has taken a different twist as there is difficulty establishing the specific airline Mr. Nyantakyi traveled with to Dubai.

The Tiger Eye PI team released an invoice with invoice number 16411993 dated 17th October into the public domain purported to be of Emirates, an Airline of the United Arab Emirates. According to Tiger Eye PI, the invoice confirms arrangement of ticket for the travel of Mr. Nyantakyi to and from Dubai.

It would be recalled that on the 6th of June, 2018, the Tiger Eye PI team premiered a video recording which contained Mr. Nyantakyi. Part of the content indicated Mr. Nyantakyi in Dubai with a business man by name Sheik. The issue that became of contention is the funding body of the trip of Mr. Nyantakyi to Dubai to meet with the said Sheik, a member of the Ana’s investigative team, who posed as a businessman.

Information gathered however, has it that Mr. Nyantakyi traveled to Dubai on an Egypt Air. This contradicts the initial claims by the Tiger Eye PI team that indicated that arrangements were made by them for a flight from Ghana to Dubai via an Emirates Airline.

It must be established that an invoice, is a document that can be obtained from any service provider which establishes the cost of a service yet to be rendered. What we do not have, however, from Tiger Eye PI is an official receipt that indicate the actual service that was rendered.

Mr. Nyantakyi has challenged the Tiger Eye PI team to prove that indeed, a travel arrangement was paid for by them on an Emirates Airline as claimed.

There must be reason for Anas or his surrogates to want to tell lies knowing or believing that Nyantekyi may not be believed after the damning exposé that has in the main tarnish his high flying achievement. Who benefits from the lies or half truths?

In a related development, there has been established, a discrepancy between the amount of money purported to have been given to Mr. Nyantakyi and what he said to have received as reimbursement from the said Sheik. While Tiger Eye PI indicated that $65,000 was dolled out to Mr. Nyantakyi, what has been confirmed by Mr. Nyantakyi was $40,000. This would require critical investigation to establish where the balance of $25,000 ended up.

While at that, Mr. Nyantakyi has alleged that prior to airing the video, he was contacted to make a payment of $150,000 to Tiger Eye PI team so that the video would not be presented for public viewing. From Mr. Nyantakyi, he made available an among of $100,000 for the move remaining a balance of $50,000. This, the Tiger Eye PI team has denied.

Looking more closely at the emerging issues much more critically is that Tiger eye has assumed a high moral ground and has very nearly convinced Ghanaians that there cannot be anything dubious about what they do. With issues of doubtful credibility now popping up we need to stop and think twice.

Another point of concern is that Tiger eye may be covering up for their own inadequacies by repeatedly attacking the credibility of its victims even when there is tangible reason to doubt their output.

It is important to begin to dig deeper to establish the credibility of the Anas’ story. The report which was a wholly one sided presentation has now been found to contain a lot of unsubstantiated allegations and purposeful destructive half truths with lots of disjointed episodes.

Agyapong Dankwa

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