I started smoking “wee” in 2004 – KK Fosu

Highlife musician, KK Fosu, has disclosed that he started smoking marijuana 14 years ago when he was just an up and coming musician.

He made this revelation in an interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM as part of his campaign against drug abuse.

According to KK Fosu, he started smoking due to peer pressure during his hay days as a musician.

He noted that marijuana had a negative effect on his career and will therefore not encourage anyone to smoke it.

“We started smoking in 2004. We wanted to be hard and all that… It was helping somehow. Somehow it will waste your immune system. But there are others who will use it for tea. But for the smoking I will not advise anyone to go into that…” he told Andy Dosty.

Source: Joy News

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