I was jailed but walked free due to Aisha Huang’s power – Field Engineer

Christian Addo Kufuor, a former site engineer for Chinese galamsey queen, Aisha Eu Huang, has given an incredible account of how he was jailed for three years by a Ghanaian court but never saw the gate of jail due to the power his former boss allegedly wielded.

Mr Kufuor gave a blow-by-blow account of how his former boss allegedly manipulated Ghanaian prison officials to, instead of sending him to jail to serve a three-year sentence, rather drove him home.

According to the former Site Engineer for the now-deported Galamsey Queen, he was put before court for a crime he did not commit but was persuaded by Police Prosecutors to plead guilty to.

Giving details of how he found himself in court, Mr Kufuor alleged (without providing evidence) that Ms Huang had instructed him to shoot and kill a fellow Chinese, an instruction he refused to carry out on Aisha’s blind side.

He added that he tipped off the Chinese national against whom the alleged murder plot was hatched and he subsequently reported the matter to the police.

Instead of arresting Ms Huang following the report, Mr Kufuor said the police rather arrested and put him before a court and persuaded him to plead guilty to all charges even after narrating the facts in his statement.

“The police put my statement aside and took me to court,” he narrated.

He alleged that prior to the court hearing, the police told him that “Aisha had paid for my release,” hence a guilty plea was nothing to fear.

“Subsequently, when I arrived at the Bekwai court, I pleaded guilty to the offence and was sentenced to three years in prison,” Mr Kufuor claimed.

She narrated rather shockingly on Adom FM‘s morning show, Dwaso Nsem that instead of being sent to prison, police officers sent him straight to Ms Huang’s waiting car where he was driven home.

“I was so shocked when the police officers took me to Ms Huang’s car and told me I was free,” he narrated in Twi.

Christian said it was at that point that he decided never to work with her any more.

Among other wide-ranging allegations, the site engineer also claimed that Ms Huang was blackmailing top politicians and security officers with sex tapes and videos, thereby incapacitating them from taking any serious actions against her alleged wrongdoings.

As part of her claims, Mr Kufuor also alleged that Ms Huang was arrested three times but was released on all three occasions because she blackmailed top politicians and security capos with such sex tapes and videos.

“It is as though she uses charms; everyone fears her,” he alleged further.

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