I will collaborate with the media to enhance development – Bono Regional Minister

Bono Regional Minister, Justina Owusu Banahene, has said, she will collaborate with the media to enhance the standard of living of the people and the general development of the region.

She acknowledged the roles the media is playing in improving the lives of the people, and as such will strive to treat everyone justly.

Justina Owusu Banahene, the second female Bono Regional Minister, since Ahafo and Bono East Regions were calved out of the then Brong Ahafo Region, made the remarks during her maiden interaction with the media in Sunyani.

“We need everyone on board, and as the mother of the region, I reiterate that I will not do any discrimination and stigmatization so far as our work for the good of the people is concerned. I’m ever ready to work with the media so that we will be able to enhance our way of life, develop and progress so far as Bono Region is concerned”, she said.

She further said her doors are always open to all stakeholders who have the growth of the region at heart and urged the journalists to be circumspect and seek clarifications in their reportages.

With phase one of the Millennium City project still ongoing, she also appealed to journalists to use their various platforms to advocate for residents to endeavor to care for all state projects.

Justina Owusu Banahene, the immediate past Sunyani Municipal Chief Executive, enjoys unwavering support from the chiefs and people in the region.

Many people believe she will spearhead unprecedented cohesion and development during her term of office.

“Everyone is needed. All opinion leaders are needed. And I know you will also support me so that together we will be able to do our best for the region”, she concluded.

Some journalists who spoke to JoyNews expressed their readiness to partner with the minister for the benefit of the people without compromising their values.

They, however, acknowledged some challenges that confront them.

Dennis Peprah, who works with the Ghana News Agency, recounts how the media has supported successive governments in national developmental drive without the expected correspondent support.

“One thing to acknowledge is that we need support as well. Though we will continue to support the Regional Minister’s vision for the region, we also expect that they will also support the media in the area of transport, etc. to go to the hinterlands and highlight the plights of the people there.

“I am particularly happy with the Minister saying she is going to run an open-door policy without discrimination”,

ModernGhana.com writer, Richard Boahene said, “we all need to collaborate with the new Regional Minister to be able to push the region’s development forward to the level that we all desire.

Other journalists who tagged the media interaction as a successful encounter and looked forward to more in the future, also urged the Minister to complete all abandoned projects, work towards improving the dwindling sanitation, health, security, and educational issues among many other challenges.


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