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I will make you sell all your house in New Jersey: Kelvin Taylor dares Ken Agyapong

The feud between Kennedy Agyapong and Kelvin Taylor never ends as each day, either one of them adds fresh fire to rekindle their “war”. Today, Kelvin Taylor sent a forewarning to Honorable Kennedy Agyapong. This was to boldly show a rebuttal of the rumors that he, Kelvin Taylor, was begging Kennedy.

Kelvin Taylor expressed his disappointment in Kennedy for his inability to sue him. Kelvin Taylor alleged that the Lawyers of Kennedy Agyapong have advised him not to file the lawsuit for fear of defeat. Kelvin explained that he had the right to sue Kennedy Agyapong for not suing him. He later disclosed that he was waiting for the time Kennedy Agyapong will arrive in Ghana so that he releases the leaked video.

Kelvin Taylor later boldly declared that Kennedy Agyapong must get ready because what awaits him is a great burden he alone cannot bear. Kelvin revealed that the number of charges he has against Kennedy Agyapong will force Ken to sell all his houses in New Jersey.

“I promise. I will make you sell all your houses in New Jersey”.

Watch video.


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