I won’t engage you in public banter – Eugene Arhin tells estranged wife

Director of Communications at the Presidency Eugene Arhin has finally responded to the petition for a divorce from his wife which has since gone viral on social media.

According to him, the petition has not been served on him and he is shocked that such a prized document will end up on social media.

He acknowledged that every marriage has its challenges, he indicate that such challenges should not be discussed in the court of public opinion.

He chooses to go to court instead of engaging in a public banter due to the sanity and dignity of his children and his wife.

“I have seen a divorce petition filed by my wife, which has been deliberately leaked all over social media obviously to achieve a certain effect. I have still not been served with these court processes, and, upon receipt, my lawyers will respond accordingly. Every marriage has challenges, and such challenges should not be addressed in the court of public opinion. I will not, for the sake of my children, and for the dignity of my wife, engage in any public banter. In as much as many of the claims leveled against me are baseless and untrue, especially with respect to properties and physical abuse, I will hold my peace and deal with them in the Court of Law,” he said in a post shared on Facebook.

Gloria Arhin’s petition for a divorce has since gone viral on various social media channels in the country. The content has sparked debate among politicians and other people considering the properties the wife is looking at taking away from him due to the divorce.


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