If a politician can woo you with pittance of GH 20 to vote for them, then you’re the problem not them – David Oscar

David Oscar Dogbe, Ghanaian creative artiste has chided Ghanaians for mediocre approach to politics and life in general.

Speaking on a wide range on issues on “Ghana Yenso Mu” Talk show series, he said, “If you allow a politician to lure with Ghc20.00 for your vote. Then really, the problem is not the politician but you the person, who couldn’t reason well to choose a capable leader and hold him accountable.”

The Ghanaian reggae artiste now based in Germany, posited that he believes every person and for that matter Ghanaians, are born with a light within them that ought to be explored to solve societal problems.

He however added that, it appears Ghanaians are laid back in the quest to seek knowledge and he finds it very dangerous as a lot of philosophies that have been imbibed in us from childhood often turn out to be false when subjected to strict proof.

David Oscar lamented how a lot of people accept certain pronouncements without any scrutiny. He urged this generation of Ghanaians and Africans to ignite their sense of awareness and research into matters that affect them, if indeed they seek to develop the African continent.

Follow the full conversation in video below.

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