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If you’re in this country and haven’t heard ‘Echoke’ then you are living under a rock – Sefa

Black Avenue signee, Sefa, has asserted that persons who have not heard her song titled ‘Echoke’ are probably living under a rock.

According to her, the song which has been nominated for the ‘Collaboration of the Year’ in the 2022 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) is popular among music lovers; hence, she will be surprised if people claim to not have heard it.

She believes the recognition the track has gained alone puts her in a better place to claim the award for that category.

In an interview with Joy Entertainment’s Ibrahim Ben-Bako on Saturday, after her performance at the announcement of the VGMA nominees, Sefa stressed that “if not for anything, Mr. Drew and I deserve best collaboration of the year, we truly really deserve it.”

“Yes of course, if you look at the songs in the category, am not saying the nominees there haven’t worked, they have worked amazingly and perfectly well but if you are in this country and you haven’t heard of ‘Echoke’, then you are probably living under a rock,” she noted.

While thanking God for elevating her, she observed that “we are still working hard, we are trying our best. I am looking at a lot of nominations but so far we’ve been nominated for a few and I am super grateful to God.

She recounted: “Last year this time, I was super depressed; I was home and I was sad and I was like God what is happening? Today, God has shown His face to me and I am so happy; even having the pleasure of performing here is amazing.”


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