I’ll destroy all the evil spirits tormenting Ghana – Prophet Tawiah

Leader of the church of Rabbi, Prophet Kwabena Tawiah has vowed to destroy all the evil spirits tormenting the country through floods, fires and many other disasters.

He has challenged the Head pastor of House of Power Ministries Prophet Francis Kwarteng to stop talking in a vacuum and help Ghanaians to find ‘Kanka Nyame’ deity which has been tormenting the nation.

He further charged Prophet Kwarteng to ensure that the spirits of ‘Kanka’ is brought forth to be exorcised so that Ghanaians will live in peace.

His comments come after Prophet Francis Kwarteng said Osagyefuo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah should be blamed for Ghana’s sufferings because he allowed ‘Kanka Nyame’ into Ghana as a form of special protection.

Prophet Kwarteng said the ‘Kanka’ spirits or gods are working against Ghana and to liberate Ghanaians is to destroy the gods.

But Prophet Tawiah in a video sighted by tasked Prophet Kwarteng to provide solutions to the problem by backing his claims with evidence.

He wondered why Prophet Kwarteng didn’t receive a prophesy on how the problem will be tackled after claiming that ‘Kanka Nyame’ with the support of Ghana’s former heads shed blood by killing pregnant women and used their blood for rituals.

‘What will he do to help solve this? he is the one God has revealed to, so Ghanaians should go to him, to plead with him to bring Nkanka Nyame out of it hiding, so that we beg Nkanka Nyame to return to its country, maybe he’s not from Ghana…I support Prophet Kwarteng’s assertion in some ways but he should back his claims with evidence, he can’t just speak in a vacuum, he shouldn’t just speak, he should come out and tell us how he will find Nkanka Nyame, we will all support him to exorcise that spirits from Ghana so that peace will prevail”

The Leader of the Church of Rabbi explained that the gods from two families meet spiritually when two individuals marry hence the spirits of ‘Kanka Nyame’ in Ghana.

‘In marriages, the spirits of families of the couples visit each other, when the two were not married, the gods in their hometowns didn’t visit each other. Because of Nkrumah’s marriage to Fatiah, the gods in Egypt followed him to Ghana,’ he said.


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