I’ll dress to please Ghanaians but … – Fantana

There is often gender and generational divide in clothing in Ghana where ladies who wear short dresses are mostly seen as not morally upright.

Ghanaian based and American-born afrobeat artiste, Fantana has said she will gladly adapt to the accepted way of dressing for Ghanaian women since she wants her music craft to also be accepted here in Ghana.

However, the RuffTown Records’ newly signed Act stated that she will blend the Ghanaian way of dressing with her own taste as well.

According to her, she will embrace any change that will make her dress seductively should her genre of music allows that.

“I feel like when you go to Rome, you do what the Romans do. Even though I was born in America and I’m used to wearing short dresses, coming to Ghana, I have to dress accordingly to what Ghanaians want blending it with my own taste as well.

“I feel I shouldn’t get offended when being criticized by a section of Ghanaians and try and do better. I’m here to please Ghanaians.

“If music has to make me wear short dresses, I will wear it but I won’t go overboard.” She told Arnold Mensah on Vibe in 5


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