I’ll invest in Menzgold if it bounces back – Mzbel

Belinda Nana Akua Amoah, known in showbiz as Mzbel has revealed in an interview that though her cash is locked up with Menzgold, she is unfazed by it and will still invest in Menzgold if it bounces back and starts operations.

In an interview with blogger, Zion Felix, Mzbel said she does not see Nana Appiah Mensah, the embattled CEO as scammer as people are saying but he is a genuine business who has just had a misfortune with his business.

“Yes, I will still invest with Menzgold if the confidence with which we saw and invested is there. I really do not blame NAM 1 because a lot of persons benefitted despite the risks,” she said.

In the interview, the musician claimed that she has GHS250,000 (2.5 Billion Cedis) locked up with Menzgold and she understands it a business gone bad so she won’t stress about it.

According to her, the invested money was for a property but she had to invest it with Menzgold primarily because she had no time to finalize the property acquisition.

“A good friend of mine introduced me to Menzgold and claimed it was the latest gig in town. Because jobs are scarce to come by, I also invested in it. I had the money sitting down without attracting any interest so I invested it so that I could reap some more cash and by the time I am prepared for my property, I could use it. I knew I will get profit but is business gone badly”, she said.

To her, it was good business gone bad and she does not blame Nana Appiah Mensah for that.

“If I get the money I will love it but as it stands nothing can be done about it. I made some interest and I rolled over”, she added.


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