I’ll Lose My Followers If I Forgive You – Salma Mumin Rejects Xandy Kamel’s Apology

Ghanaian actress Salma Mumin has reacted to the apology of blabbermouth actress Xandy Kamel after she went on live TV to allege that Salma was a big time prostitute.

Salma Mumin has rubbished Xandy Kamel’s apology with an excuse that her fans have warned to unfollow her and stop watching her movies if she drops the law suit.

It seems Salma is hellbent on making a scapegoat out of Xandy so the rumors of her selling her body for luxury to be buried once and for all.

Xandy Kamel and her co-host dragged and made fun of her colleague actress Salma, thinking they would go Scot free.

They noted the actress sleeps with old men for money and insinuated that Salma Mumin is materialistic. Xandy and her friend alleged that Salma cannot afford the luxury so she has decided to sleep with sugar daddies for money and to grab all she wants in life.

Salma Mumin sued Xandy Kamel and Angel TV for defamation to the tune of one million Ghana Cedis in damages.

The law suit scared the hell out off Xandy Kamel who was earlier acting bossy, snobbish and unbothered claiming she was ready to fight the battle to the end.

Unapologetic Xandy Kamel is on her knees begging Salma to tamper justice with mercy. Xandy Kamel has officially apologised to Salma Mumin and retracted her speech on Angel TV.

According to her, she didn’t mean to hurt Salma because the show is all about fun!

SOURCE: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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