I’ll make you a cripple – Counsellor Lutterodt warned

Actress Jasmine Baroudi’s husband has warned Counselor Lutterodt never to speak about his family again.

He took to Instagram to warn Counsellor Lutterodt.

Ofori Atta, commenting on one of Mzbel’s videos dissing Lutterodt, said he is ready to beat some sense into Lutterodt if he ever talks about his family again.

Two years ago, there were reports that he sent naked pictures to an Instagram girl.

Jasmine responding to the news stated that she heard and read a lot about the issue online. Also, she described the case as a big scandal she never expected to hit her as an actress.

Jasmine stated that she was not worried about the story when it first broke. This is because they were unmarried at the time the two had a conversation on Instagram.

However, she agreed that sending the pictures was illicit. She spoke about this in an interview with Zionfelix.

Furthermore, she noted that she could not have stressed herself over something which happened before they married. Also, she disclosed that her husband already informed her about the lady he sent the naked pictures to. Therefore, she was not really surprised when the story went viral. However, she did not expect it to be in the public.

The award-winning actress continued to accuse the media of “adding so many lies” to the story because she believes they exaggerated the story.


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