I’ll sleep with girls all the way to my grave – Actor

Veteran actor, Oboy Siki has stated that he will enjoy sex with young girls as many as he can before he dies.

The old actor said his reason for working hard to earn money is to spend it on girls since riches are all meaningless.

He claimed that these girls are matured enough to have sexual intercourse and he sees nothing wrong with him choosing them.

When asked how many young girls he has slept with, he confidently disclosed that he has slept with more than 2500 ladies.

The actor who is based in Kumasi described men who enjoy many rounds of sex with women as stupid.

According to him, women can be fine with a single round depending on their needs.

“If you’re my girlfriend, one round is enough. It’s only stupid men who enjoy two (2) or more rounds of sex a day. I don’t enjoy many rounds of sex with one woman.

“I see men who boast of enjoying many rounds of sex with women as senseless. At my age, the only thing good for me is to work hard to earn money. In this world, toil, advancement, and riches are all meaningless so I’m using my wealth as bait to sleep with many girls as I can before I’m finally laid to rest.

“What am I using wealth for, there is no way I will go to the next world with that wealth. As for having sex with ladies, I have indeed done so well.

“No rich man in Ghana can boast of marrying just one woman if he is not a staunch Christian. I only go to church when I’m touched by God so I’m not a Christian. I don’t want to lie to God and He knows since I go to church when I want to. Christianity now has become business than what we knew.” Oboy Siki told Zionfelix

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