I’m better off as a solo artiste – Wutah Kobby

Wutah Kobby has cancelled out any plans of getting back together with his former group mate, Wutah Afriyie.

According to him, he is better off making music as a solo artiste than being in a group.

Speaking on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM, he explained that on some occasions, he tried convincing Wutah Afriyie to work with him as a group.

However, after the success of the songs they released after their comeback, Afriyie insisted on working alone, “so he alone can enjoy.”

“I am the one who has suffered…I am better off now,” Wutah Kobby told Andy Dosty on Hitz FM.

He stated that he put a lot of himself into making the group work. This he said included songwriting, rehearsals, interview and sometimes playing the role of a manager.

His comment comes after Wutah Afriyie during an interview claimed he learnt about the group’s split via a news publication despite being one half of Wutah.

Kobby stated that he is surprised, disappointed and disgusted by the comments because there is no truth to what Afriyie said.

“My brother called me for a meeting thinking that he was going to tell me something, only to tell me that he didn’t want to have anything to do with me, or continue the group with me and that the group was over, that is the truth,” he said.

The ‘If I Get’ singer said that his former teammate does not hide the fact that he no longer wants to be a part of the group.

“Every time we make a hit and we are supposed to enjoy the fruits of that hit, because people saw him as the singer, he was the one who was always getting the calls so that he could selfishly enjoy the fruit of that labour.”

“Once we make the hits, he wants out so that he can go and enjoy. He tells you directly in the face that I am done with you.”


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