I’m focused on making impactful music – Eno Barony

Award-winning rapper Eno Barony has revealed that her focus now is to help effect positive change in society through her music.

Speaking to JoyNews’ Becky, Eno explained that she is more concerned about the real impact of her music on listeners and fans thus working on such is her priority.

“When I started doing music, it was all about having fun coupled with goodwill messages. But when I notice the kind of impact my music made after the release of ‘Do something’ featuring Wendy shay, I decided to do more of those.”https://www.youtube.com/embed/XzRB1jyCT-g

The Best Rapper at the recently held 3Music awards added that initially, all she wanted to do was to impress her male colleagues with her lyrical dexterity but realised she had both genders to inspire.

“First I always wanted to impress guys with my music because I thought girls don’t like rap music but then it’s for both genders. I keep inspiring with my music. I did ‘Life’ and even ‘God is a woman’ songs are meant to inspire women.”

Meanwhile, Eno Barony has released her second album ‘Ladies first’ meant to impact women across the globe exclusively.

Eno Barony, is a Ghanaian rapper and songwriter. Born in Tema, she released her debut single, “Wats Ma Name”.

Even though she had previously recorded other singles, Eno received wider attention when she released her first single, “Tonga”, in 2014, which received commercial airplay.

In November 2020, she won the African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) award for Best Best Female Rap Act in Africa.

She also won an award at the 2021 3Music Awards to become the first female artiste in Ghana to have won the Rapper of the Year award.


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