I’m not hungry for fame; I’m hungry for success – Lamisi

Sensational Ghanaian Afropop singer Lamisi Anabilla Akuka known in showbiz circles as Lamisi says she will choose to be successful rather than famous.

According to her success is achieved when one is able to positively impact the society and that impact is also be felt globally.

Speaking to host of 3FM Drive, Giovani Caleb, she explained that “Lamisi is a very determined girl and I’m not hungry for fame but for success. I want to be successful, I want to make a positive impact, not me causing the change but doing something that will reflect change in the society whereas fame is just about being known be it good or bad.”

She went on to explained why she chooses to sing in her native language ‘‘I’m a Kusasi and I speak the Kusal language. Most of my songs are in my local dialect because that’s how I am able to express myself very well than the English language. The English that I speak, the English scholars will find faults with it and the Twi too the Twi scholars will just murder me.’’

The ‘Tanka Fanka’ hitmaker further disclosed that she started doing music for fun but at a point she took it more serious in order to put food on her table, she recount instances where music was her only source of hope ‘‘I paid my fees during my undergraduate to my masters level and also paid my rent through music and I have never depended on any man.’’ she added.

Lamisi bemoaned situations where preferential treatment is given to the A-list artist whiles the upcoming artistes are ignored by the media.

She urged Ghanaians to embrace dynamism and variety in the music industry.

Lamisi is part of the award winning band PATCHBAY and has recently released her debut album ‘‘Brighter Side’’ which was launch at Alliance Francaise on February 23, 2019. Her hits include Tanka Fanka, The Way You Control and Cool Running

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