I’m not running family business at GPHA – Mac Manu hits back

Peter Mac Manu has issued a strong warning to union members of the Ghana Ports and Harbour Authority, GPHA, for accusing him of gross misconduct in the discharge of his duties as board chairman.

He has consequently threatened to sue the workers claiming all their allegations are baseless and unfounded.

In a press release issued by the union, the aggrieved workers claimed Mr. Manu was using his influences to run a family and friends administration at the port.

They have consequently issued a two-week ultimatum to government to relieve him of his duties as Board Chairman of the Ghana Ports and Harbour Authority (GPHA).

Joseph Assib, the Chairman of the union angrily stated that, “The Board Chairman’s wife has taken over ticketing for staff travels, and the Authority is being priced at cut-throat prices. We are paying two, three times more than other competitors are offering for ticketing and pricing at the Authority.”

He also accused Mr Manu of registering some seven companies and awarding contracts to same, without seeking the Board’s approval.

“The Board Chairman has seven companies in the port. The Chairman has three of his children as the biggest suppliers to the Authority. He has obtained for himself a contract of over GHC 4 million for the wiring of our newly constructed electrical and material block. He is intimidating management staff and as well interfering in the day to day running of the Authority,” said Mr Assibit.

Responding to accusations by the union at a press conference in Accra on Tuesday, Mr Mac Manu stated that allegation by union members are baseless and palpable falsehood.

“If the union thinks they can still spew lies to damage me and by extension to GPHA and government that we are corrupt as many people are saying on their Facebook wall, then I am sorry that we have a long way to go as a country. We will not allow falsehood to run over truths and that is why I am setting this record, and from here the lawyers will follow.”

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